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Welcome to
Come join us.

Hello and welcome to ePals! EPals is a program I have created to help people make friends on-line. What is it? Basically, it's a penpal program, but it's intended for use through email!
Joining ePals is very simple. First of all, read the rules. Then, simply email me at with the following information:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Website URL (if any)
  • AIM name, ICQ#, or any other messanger service info
  • Email
If you leave any info out, (besides your name and email) then you can still join, but I try to pair up ePals with similar ages, gender, and interests, and this won't happen if I don't have that info!
Once you join, I will pair you up with someone else with simliar interests, age, etc. If there is no one like that, you can either wait a while or get paired up with someone who has slightly different interests.
Okay, so once you get paired up with another ePal, I will send you his/her info and your info to them. After that, it's up to you guys!! Now, I know a lot of times penpals don't hit it off, and I'm expecting that to happen occasionally here, too. If it does, email me and I'll pair you up with another ePal. Good luck!


Unfortunately, the Internet isn't always perfectly safe, so I've established a few rules. Please follow them!! If too many people don't follow these rules I may have to close down the entire program.
  • If you have a website, it needs to be kidsafe.
  • I'm not pairing anyone up with someone in a different age group. No exceptions.
  • Girls with girls and guys with guys. This is not a 'singles' group, it's for making friends online.
  • If your ePal says anything that makes you uncomfterable, email me and tell me about it--I will find another ePal and that person will not be allowed to sign up for an ePal again. (I'm afraid that's about all you can do on-line). If necessary, most email programs have a system that allows you to block email from certain addresses.