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Welcome to
Soul Whispers

I have heard that there are windows;
Windows to the soul.
Whispers, dreams, and single tears
Music, laughter, captured years.
These words are my windows
Glimpses of an inner me
Hints of fire, ice, and light
Hidden in my soul so deep.


A Brief History of the Arch
From God to Human: The Epic of Gilgamesh
Huntington's Chorea
A Method to the Madness
The Palette of Narmer
Portrayals of Guinevere Throughout Literature
Stoicism Doesn't Work


Dusk When the Faeries Roam
Dancing Light




The Atonement
The Changeling
The Sacred Hawk

Back to The Riverlands. See where we got this background set!

MIDI is "Book of Days," by Enya, and can be found on her album "Paint the Sky With Stars."
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