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There are a few codes that every HTML page must have in order for the computer to recognize the page as HTML. I suggest you type them in right away when starting an HTML page, then fill in the rest of the content later.
The code should look like this:


Be sure to type the codes inside the brackets exactly as written. If you leave spaces between the lines or between one bracketed code and the next (these are called "tags," by the way), that is okay. (Note: HTML never recognizes a double space.)

The next step is to fill in the tags. First, decide on the title of your page and type it in between the "title" tags, like so:
<TITLE>Title Goes Here</TITLE>
This will be the title of the page that appears on the bar at the very top of your Netscape/Explorer window. (This bar is the "head," the tags for which the title tags appear in between.)
Text goes in between the "body" tags. Just type whatever you want your website to say. (Note: I suggest you only type a few sentences for now while you are still learning HTML. After the following page, in which you will learn to manipulate text, you can go back and add more information.