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Lately I have taken an interest in creating images with Paint Shop Pro and I have found some wonderful tutorials online. (Special thanks especially to FlyByNight Graphics.) After some experimenting, I have begun to make background sets and have decided to post them as linkware on my website. This means that anyone can use them as long as they post a link back to this website ( on the same page as where they have used my graphics. A graphics link would be preferred but a text link will do; it needn't be in a conspicious place as long as it can be easily found. Please honor these guidelines!
Each background set's main theme is shown in the thumbnails below; click on the thumbnail to see the full set. To download, just right click and save. I have included a link to the tutorial used, if any. Please do not alter the images (except when adding text to the buttons and headers). I would also prefer it if you did not use them in combination with other people's background sets. All graphics are copyrighted by Mya McMillan as of 2000 and on.
Feel free to email me with any questions.