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This is a wonderful site all about an imaginary world called the Covenant Universe!! The webmaster is writing a novel which you can read on the site, and also accepts fan fiction!!

Okay, you have got to check this out--the best website competition on the web!! Anyone with a website should at least look around and consider entering. It's a ton of fun!!

I Made
Legend Webring

I was in The Site Fights for a long time, and this was my team for several months after my old team, Seryn (see below) closed down.

This Seryn Isle Elves site is owned by
The Riverlands.

Want to join the
Seryn Isle Elves Web Ring?

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Before the Legends, I was a member of Seryn Isle. Unfortunately it closed down. But here, you can see all the wonderful sites that used to compete there!

the Elven Dreamer Webring
This is, basically, a webring for hopeless romantics. Enjoy!

I am a Knight of the Internet!! Check the site to see what it's about.