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In the past few years that I've been on the Net, I've discovered quite a few sites that allow you to make free donations to various causes. As I come across more and more of them, I've thought that it would be cool to make a page with links to all of them. All you have to do is go to the site and click on a certain link you'll find there--sponsors will then make a free donation to that site's cause. In return, the sponsors (usually internet companies) get to have their banners posted on the site. Though you're not under any obligation to do so, visiting these sponsors encourages them to keep sponsoring the site, and causes them to make even more donations.
Below, I've listed all the donation sites I know about, with descriptions of what each site supports. If you know of any more, please email me with the URL!!

The above sites allow you to make donations of free food to the world's hungry, save rainforest land, and give free mamograms to underpriviledged women. You can make one donation to each project once a day.

The above sites are all run by a site called They allow you to make donations of rainforest land and big cat and panda habitats, as well as help eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer. You can make one donation to each project once a day. Signing up with is free and allows you to get a free email address, recieve newsletters and doubles the impact of your donations each time you click. It also tracks the total amount of land you've donated since you signed up.

This site allows you to make donations in eight different areas--AIDS research, support of the arts, cancer research, vaccinations for underpriviledged children, money for education of the underpriviledged, rainforest land, housing for the homeless, and food to the hungry. You can make as many donations to any project as you like each day.

This site allows you to donate food to the hungry within the United States. You can make one donation each day.

This site supports seven free projects you can donate to--saving land in the Amazon basin rainforest, reducing atmospheric pollution, saving endangered Mexican wildlife, expanding national parks in East Africa, protecting Canadian wild lands, protecting the Patagonian coast reserve, expanding nature reserves in Scotland, and protecting United States wilderness. There are also two "plant-a-tree" programs to which you can donate money, if you wish. Signing up at allows you to get a free email, expands the impact of each donation, and allows you to recieve newsletters. You can donate to each project once each day.